Tag chainSelectOutput

Component Information 
Component Typenxdirectory.ChainSelectOutput
Handler Classorg.nuxeo.ecm.platform.ui.web.tag.handler.GenericHtmlComponentHandler
Renderer Typenxdirectory.ChainSelectOutput
id false java.lang.ObjectNo Description
cssStyle false java.lang.ObjectNo Description
directoryNameList false java.lang.ObjectNo Description
cssStyleClass false java.lang.ObjectNo Description
entrySeparator false java.lang.Object A string to separate multiple selections, if the chainSelect is multiselect
keySeparator false java.lang.Object The string used to separate directory keys in the value
displayKeySeparator false java.lang.Object The string used in display to separate elements of the chain (defaults to keySeparator)
display false java.lang.ObjectOne of "id", "label" or "idAndLabel".
localize false java.lang.Object Boolean indicating whether to localize the labels or not.
handleMultipleValues false java.lang.Object Boolean to treat multi-valued fields as separate entries (multi-line rendering).

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