Tag chainSelect

Component Information 
Component Typenxdirectory.chainSelect
Handler Classorg.nuxeo.ecm.platform.ui.web.tag.handler.GenericHtmlComponentHandler
Renderer TypeNone
id false java.lang.ObjectThe id of the component
value false java.lang.ObjectA string or string array
displayIdAndLabel false java.lang.ObjectDisplay both the id and the label
cssStyle false java.lang.ObjectThe css style for the component
cssStyleClass false java.lang.ObjectThe css style class for the component
onchange false java.lang.ObjectJavascript event
index false java.lang.ObjectComponent index in chain
multiSelect false java.lang.ObjectAllow multiple elements to be selected
qualifiedParentKeys false java.lang.Object choose whether the parent keys contain just the parent id or the whole path in the chain
allowBranchSelection false java.lang.Object Option to allow the user to make a partial selection in the chain
allowRootSelection false java.lang.Object Option to allow the user to not make any selection
displayValueOnly false java.lang.ObjectDisplay only the selection, without the combos
displayValueOnlyStyle false java.lang.ObjectCss style to use when displaying only the value
displayValueOnlyStyleClass false java.lang.Object Css style class to use when displaying only the value
defaultRootKey false java.lang.Object Parent key to filter on to get a directory roots. Defaults to null if not set.
resetCacheOnUpdate false java.lang.Object Boolean value to force cache refresh on update, useful when using this tag in Ajax requests. Available since 5.6, defaults to false.

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