Class MigrationServiceImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    MigrationService, Adaptable, Component, Extensible, TimestampedService

    public class MigrationServiceImpl
    extends DefaultComponent
    implements MigrationService
    Implementation for the Migration Service.

    Data about migration status is stored in the "migration" Key/Value Store in the following format:

     mymigration:lock         write lock, containing debug info about locker; set with a TTL
     mymigration              the state of the migration, if not running
     mymigration:step         the step of the migration, if running
     mymigration:starttime    the migration step start time (milliseconds since epoch)
     mymigration:pingtime     the migration step last ping time (milliseconds since epoch)
     mymigration:message      the migration step current message
     mymigration:num          the migration step current num
     mymigration:total        the migration step current total