Interface MigrationService.MigrationContext

    • Method Detail

      • reportProgress

        void reportProgress​(String message,
                            long num,
                            long total)
        Notifies the migration context of the current progress.
        message - an informative message about what is being migrated
        num - the current number of things migrated
        total - the total number of things to migrate, or -1 if unknown
      • requestShutdown

        void requestShutdown()
        Requests a shutdown. Called internally by the migration service when the server shuts down.
      • isShutdownRequested

        boolean isShutdownRequested()
        Checks if shutdown has been requested.

        This should be checked periodically by the migrator, and when true the migrator should return as soon as possible, even if its work is not complete.

        This is a "nice" version of thread interruption, which will follow a short while later, and should also be checked by the migrator.

        true if migration should be stopped as soon as possible