Class FragmentDescriptor

    • Field Detail

      • ALL

        public static final FragmentDescriptor ALL
        Marker used for better control on requirements. see "all" marker in FragmentRegistry
      • startLevel

        public int startLevel
        The start level is used to control bundle start order. The following levels are defined:
        • 0 - system level - used by the OSGi framework itself
        • 1 - runtime level - used by nuxeo-runtime bundles
        • 2 - core level - used for core bundles
        • 3 - platform level - used for platform service bundles
        • 4 - presentation level - used for UI service bundles (e.g. seam components etc)
        • 5 - UI level -used for UI bundles (e.g. war / web, widgets contribs)
        • 6 - user level
        The start level is overwritten by the one specified at MANIFEST level using the Nuxeo-StartLevel header. If the start header is missing it will be initialized from the OSGi Bundle-Category (if any) as follows:
        • nuxeo-framework
        • nuxeo-runtime
        • nuxeo-service
        • nuxeo-core
        • nuxeo-platform
        • nuxeo-presentation
        • nuxeo-ui
        • nuxeo-plugin
        If the start level could not be computed then the default value of 6 (user level) is used The recommended method of specifying the start level is to use the Bundle-Category since start level numbering may change (this header has the advantage of using symbolic names)