Class LDAPReference

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Cloneable, Reference

    public class LDAPReference
    extends AbstractReference
    implements Cloneable
    Implementation of the directory Reference interface that leverage two common ways of storing relationships in LDAP directories:
    • the static attribute strategy where a multi-valued attribute store the exhaustive list of distinguished names of the refereed entries (eg. the uniqueMember attribute of the groupOfUniqueNames objectclass)
    • the dynamic attribute strategy where a potentially multi-valued attribute stores a ldap urls intensively describing the refereed LDAP entries (eg. the memberURLs attribute of the groupOfURLs objectclass)

    Please note that both static and dynamic references are resolved in read mode whereas only the static attribute strategy is used when creating new references or when deleting existing ones (write / update mode).

    Some design considerations behind the implementation of such reference can be found at:

    Olivier Grisel