Class FacetFilter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class FacetFilter
    extends Object
    implements Filter
    A filter based on facets.
    Georges Racinet, Florent Guillaume
    • Constructor Detail

      • FacetFilter

        public FacetFilter​(List<String> required,
                           List<String> excluded)
        Generic constructor.
        required - list of facets the models must have to pass the filter
        excluded - list of facets the models must not have to pass the filter
      • FacetFilter

        public FacetFilter​(String facet,
                           boolean isRequired)
        Simpler constructor to filter on a single facet.
        facet - the facet to filter on
        isRequired - if true, accepted models must have the facet; if false, accepted models must not have the facet
      • FacetFilter

        public FacetFilter​(FacetFilter filter1,
                           FacetFilter filter2)
        Constructor that ANDs two filters.
        filter1 - the first filter
        filter2 - the second filter