Class KeycloakNuxeoDeployment

  • public class KeycloakNuxeoDeployment
    extends Object
    This class is developed to overcome a Jackson version problem between Nuxeo and Keycloak.
    Nuxeo uses Jackson version 1.8.x where Keycloak uses 1.9.x
    Sadly the ObjectMapper.setSerializationInclusion(com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonInclude.Include) method is not in 1.8.x
    Then KeycloakNuxeoDeployment is the same class as KeycloakDeploymentBuilder, rewriting static method KeycloakDeploymentBuilder.loadAdapterConfig( to avoid the use of ObjectMapper.setSerializationInclusion(com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonInclude.Include)
    • Method Detail

      • build

        public static org.keycloak.adapters.KeycloakDeployment build​(InputStream is)
        Invokes KeycloakDeploymentBuilder.internalBuild with reflection to avoid rewriting source code
        is - the configuration file InputStream
        the KeycloakDeployment corresponding to the configuration file