Class FileRef

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    FileRef.ExactFileRef, FileRef.PatternFileRef

    public abstract class FileRef
    extends Object
    A file reference that can handle file name patterns. A file pattern can use named variable that will be substituted with the actual value of the file that matched the pattern.

    Example: For a file pattern nuxeo-automation-core-{v:.*}.jar that will match a file named nuxeo-automation-core-5.3.2.jar the pattern variable will be v=5.3.2.

    Note that only one pattern variable is supported.

    Bogdan Stefanescu
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      • getFile

        public abstract File getFile()
        Gets the file referenced by this object. If the FileRef could not be resolved then null is returned.
        the referred file or null if none was found.
      • hasPattern

        public abstract boolean hasPattern()
        Whether the referred file has a name pattern.