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Packages that use FileNamePattern
org.nuxeo.common.utils Various utility classes used for managing paths, jars, strings, files, etc. 
org.nuxeo.osgi.application The framework bootstrap classes were moved in nuxeo-runtime-launcher to be able to share them with other bootstrap code like the one in shell and dev tools. 

Uses of FileNamePattern in org.nuxeo.common.utils

Methods in org.nuxeo.common.utils with parameters of type FileNamePattern
static void FileUtils.collectFiles(File root, FileNamePattern pattern, List<File> result)

Uses of FileNamePattern in org.nuxeo.osgi.application

Fields in org.nuxeo.osgi.application declared as FileNamePattern
static FileNamePattern[] BundleWalker.DEFAULT_PATTERNS

Methods in org.nuxeo.osgi.application that return FileNamePattern
 FileNamePattern[] ApplicationLoader.getPatterns()

Methods in org.nuxeo.osgi.application with parameters of type FileNamePattern
 void ApplicationLoader.setPatterns(FileNamePattern[] patterns)

Constructors in org.nuxeo.osgi.application with parameters of type FileNamePattern
BundleWalker(BundleWalker.Callback cb, FileNamePattern[] patterns)

Uses of FileNamePattern in org.nuxeo.runtime.deployment.preprocessor.install.commands

Constructors in org.nuxeo.runtime.deployment.preprocessor.install.commands with parameters of type FileNamePattern
AppendCommand(Path src, Path dst, boolean addNewLine, FileNamePattern pattern)

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