Interface Extension

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    public interface Extension
    extends Serializable
    A component extension.

    Extension objects holds extension data as a DOM element.

    This data can be used by the extension point to extract contribution objects by using XMap XML mapping engine.

    Bogdan Stefanescu
    • Method Detail

      • getTargetComponent

        ComponentName getTargetComponent()
        Gets the component name where this extension should be contributed.
        the target component name
      • getExtensionPoint

        String getExtensionPoint()
        Gets the extension point name where this extension should be contributed.
        the target extension point
      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Disposes this extension.

        This will erase any data held by the extension.

      • getElement

        Element getElement()
        Gets the DOM element held by this extension.

        The DOM element correspond to the "extension" element in the component XML descriptor.

        the DOM element
      • setElement

        void setElement​(Element element)
        Sets the DOM element that defines this extension.
        element - the extension DOM element
      • getContributions

        Object[] getContributions()
        Gets the extension contribution objects.

        These objects are generated by the extension point from the DOM element and then attached to the extension.

        the contribution objects or null if none
      • setContributions

        void setContributions​(Object[] contributions)
        Sets the contribution objects.

        This method is used by the extension point to attach the contribution objects to the extension.

        contributions - the contribution objects
      • setComponent

        void setComponent​(ComponentInstance component)
        Sets the component owning this extension.
        component - the component instance owning this extension
      • getComponent

        ComponentInstance getComponent()
        Gets the component instance owning this extension.
        the component instance owning this extension
      • getContext

        RuntimeContext getContext()
        Gets the context of the component who contributed this extension.
        the extension context
      • getId

        String getId()
        Identifies the extension inside the contributing component. The id should be unique in the application. It is recommended to use the following name convention for the ID: 'component_name#contribution_name'.

        The id is never null. If the user is not specifying an ID, one will be generated as follow: componentName#targetExtensionPoint.randomNumber

      • getDocumentation

        String getDocumentation()
        Gets any comment on this extension.

        Comments can be used to document extensions.

        Comments should be short because they are stored in memory.

      • toXML

        String toXML()
        Gets the XML representation for this extension.