Class NativeEsAggregate

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    public class NativeEsAggregate
    extends AggregateEsBase<,​Bucket>
    This class is intended for internal/advanced use. It supports any ElasticSearch aggregate builder as a constructor parameter. However, it doesn't support Nuxeo page providers or the aggregation factory. The other aggregate classes are the preferred approach.
    • Field Detail

      • nativeAggregation

        protected final nativeAggregation
      • parser

        protected final Consumer<> parser
    • Constructor Detail

      • NativeEsAggregate

        public NativeEsAggregate​(AggregateDefinition definition,
                                 Consumer<> parser)
      • NativeEsAggregate

        public NativeEsAggregate​( nativeAggregation,
                                 Consumer<> parser)
        Construct the aggregate using an ElasticSearch aggregate builder and a parser that will consume the response.