Class NuxeoGroupJsonWriter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Marshaller<NuxeoGroup>, Writer<NuxeoGroup>

    public class NuxeoGroupJsonWriter
    extends ExtensibleEntityJsonWriter<NuxeoGroup>
    Convert NuxeoGroup to Json.

    This marshaller is enrichable: register class implementing AbstractJsonEnricher and managing NuxeoGroup.

    This marshaller is also extensible: extend it and simply override ExtensibleEntityJsonWriter.extend(Object, JsonGenerator).

    Format is:

       "groupname": "GROUP_NAME", <- deprecated, for backward compatibility
       "grouplabel": "GROUP_DISPLAY_NAME", <- deprecated, for backward compatibility
       "id": "GROUP_NAME",
       "properties":{   <- depending on the group schema / format is managed by {@link DocumentPropertyJsonWriter }
         "description": "GROUP_DESCRIPTION"
       "memberUsers": [
       "memberGroups": [
       "parentGroups": [
                 <-- contextParameters if there are enrichers activated
                 <-- additional property provided by extend() method