Class PDFPageNumbering

  • public class PDFPageNumbering
    extends Object
    Add page numbers to a PDF, with misc parameters (font, size, color, position).
    • Method Detail

      • addPageNumbers

        public Blob addPageNumbers​(int inStartAtPage,
                                   int inStartAtNumber,
                                   String inFontName,
                                   float inFontSize,
                                   String inHex255Color,
                                   PDFPageNumbering.PAGE_NUMBER_POSITION inPosition)
                            throws NuxeoException
        Adds page numbers and returns a new Blob. Original blob is not modified. This code assumes:
        • There is no page numbers already (it will always draw the numbers).
        • The PDF is not rotated.
        • Default values apply:
          • inStartAtPage and inStartAtNumber are set to 1 if they are passed as < 1.
          • inStartAtPage is set to 1 if it is > number of pages.
          • inFontName is set to "Helvetica" if "" or null.
          • inFontSize is set to 16 if it is <= 0.
          • inHex255Color is set to black if "", null or if its length is < 6. Expected format is 0xrrggbb, #rrggbb or just rrggbb.
          • inPosition is set to BOTTOM_RIGHT if null.
        inStartAtPage - Number of the first page to be numbered.
        inStartAtNumber - Starting number for the page numbering.
        inFontName - Name of the font to be used in the numbering.
        inFontSize - Size of the font to be used in the numbering.
        inHex255Color - Color of the font to be used in the numbering.
        inPosition - Page positioning of the numbering.