Class RedisTransientStore

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    TransientStore, TransientStoreProvider

    public class RedisTransientStore
    extends AbstractTransientStore
    Redis implementation (i.e. cluster aware) of the TransientStore.

    Since hashes cannot be nested, a storage entry is flattened as follows:

      - Entry summary:
        transientStore:transientStoreName:entryKey {
          "blobCount":    number of blobs associated with the entry
          "size":         storage size of the blobs associated with the entry
          "completed":    entry status
     - Entry parameters:
       transientStore:transientStoreName:entryKey:params {
          "param1": value1
          "param2": value2
     - Entry blobs:
       transientStore:transientStoreName:entryKey:blobs:0 {
       transientStore:transientStoreName:entryKey:blobs:1 {