Interface FileSystemChangeFinder

    • Method Detail

      • getFileSystemChanges

        List<FileSystemItemChangegetFileSystemChanges​(CoreSession session,
                                                        Set<IdRef> lastActiveRootRefs,
                                                        SynchronizationRoots activeRoots,
                                                        Set<String> collectionSyncRootMemberIds,
                                                        long lowerBound,
                                                        long upperBound,
                                                        int limit)
        Gets the changes in the repository against which the given session is bound for the given synchronization root paths, between the given lower and upper integer bounds and without exceeding the given limit. The change summaries are mapped back to the file system view: the file system items might not always have the same tree layout as the backing documents in the repositories but this is a back-end detail that the client does not have to deal with.
        session - the session bound to a specific repository
        lastActiveRootRefs - docrefs of the roots as reported by the last successful synchronization (can be empty or null)
        activeRoots - the currently active synchronization roots
        collectionSyncRootMemberIds - the collection sync root member ids
        lowerBound - the lower integer bound of the range clause in the change query
        upperBound - the upper integer bound of the range clause in the change query. This id is typically obtained by calling getUpperBound()
        limit - the maximum number of changes to fetch
        the list of document changes
        TooManyChangesException - if the number of changes found has exceeded the limit
      • getUpperBound

        long getUpperBound()
        Return the upper bound of the range clause in the change query.