Interface VideoToolsService

    • Method Detail

      • extractClosedCaptions

        Blob extractClosedCaptions​(Blob video,
                                   String outputFormat,
                                   String startAt,
                                   String endAt)
        Extracts the closed captions from a video blob.
        video - the input blob
        outputFormat - the outformat of the captions (srt, txt, ttxt is the default)
        startAt - the start time in format "xx:xx"
        endAt - the end time in format "xx:xx"
        the closed captions if any were found
      • concat

        Blob concat​(List<Blob> videos)
        Concat the input video blobs into a single video blob.
        video blob with the videos concatenated
      • slice

        List<Blobslice​(Blob video,
                         String startAt,
                         String duration,
                         boolean encode)
        Slices a video blob from a start time and the input duration. If start it empty, the blob will be sliced in n-parts with similar duration. If duration is empty, the video blob will be sliced from startAt until the end.
        video - the input blob
        startAt - the start time in "xx:xx" format
        duration - the duration of the sliced blob in seconds
        encode - option to re-encode the ouptut video blob
        video blobs generated by the slicer
      • watermark

        Blob watermark​(Blob video,
                       Blob picture,
                       String x,
                       String y)
        Add a watermark to a video blob.
        video - the input blob
        picture - the picture blob to be used as the watermark
        x - the x offset starting from the left
        y - the y offset starting from the top
        a video blob with a watermark at the position specified
      • isToolAvailable

        boolean isToolAvailable​(String toolName)
        Checks if a determined tool is available.
        toolName - the name of the tool
        true if the tool is available or false otherwise