Interface NuxeoAuthenticationSessionManager

    • Method Detail

      • needResetLogin

        boolean needResetLogin​(javax.servlet.ServletRequest req)
        Checks whether or not this request was made to perform login. This is tested by the authentication filter to decide if a switch user is needed.
      • canBypassRequest

        boolean canBypassRequest​(javax.servlet.ServletRequest request)
        Returns true if request does not require to be authenticated.
      • invalidateSession

        boolean invalidateSession​(javax.servlet.ServletRequest request)
        May invalidates the session. Return true is the session was invalidated.
      • onBeforeSessionReinit

        void onBeforeSessionReinit​(javax.servlet.ServletRequest request)
        CallBack before SessionReinit.
      • onAfterSessionReinit

        void onAfterSessionReinit​(javax.servlet.ServletRequest request)
        CallBack after SessionReinit.