Class AliasWrapper

  • public class AliasWrapper
    extends Object
    Represents a keystore alias.

    Provides methods for binding a keystore alias name with userID and alias type.

    Wojciech Sulejman
    • Constructor Detail

      • AliasWrapper

        public AliasWrapper​(String userName)
        Public constructor for the AliasWrapper. Used to associate a user name with an AliasWrapper object. The userName constitutes the first part of the AliasWrapper's identity. The second part of the identity is based on an AliasType provided as a parameter. E.g., for a user identified by string "jdoe" and using a type "cert", the produced alias string would be "jdoecert".
    • Method Detail

      • getUserName

        public String getUserName()
        Provides the user name associated with the alias for generic checking of alias groups (an alias group would share the name, not the id).
      • getId

        public String getId​(AliasType type)
        Returns a unique identifier for the keystore alias.