Class DefaultRenderingContext

    • Method Detail

      • getAdapter

        public <T> T getAdapter​(Class<T> adapter)
        Description copied from interface: Adaptable
        Returns an object which is an instance of the given class associated with this object. Returns null if no such object can be found.
        Specified by:
        getAdapter in interface Adaptable
        adapter - the adapter class to look up
        a object castable to the given class, or null if this object does not have an adapter for the given class
      • accept

        public boolean accept​(RenderingEngine engine)
        Description copied from interface: RenderingContext
        Either or not this rendering context accepts the given engine.

        If the engione is not acepted it will be ignored by the rendering service when processing this context

        Specified by:
        accept in interface RenderingContext
        engine - the engine to test
        true if the engine is eligible to process this context, false otherwise