Class FacetNames

    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static String BIG_FOLDER
      It will display the big folder document without its children
      static String COMMENTABLE
      It will display the comment tab and the comments associated to the document instance in the summary tab
      static String DOWNLOADABLE
      The download link will be displayed in consistent places of the application
      static String FOLDERISH
      Document may have children
      static String HAS_RELATED_TEXT
      Facet to be used for full-text indexing of related text content (e.g.
      static String HIDDEN_IN_NAVIGATION
      The document type won't appear in the tree and in the folder content listing
      static String IMMUTABLE  
      static String MASTER_PUBLISH_SPACE
      The document will be flagged as a container for documents able to receive publications (and will be displayed as a root in the available publication trees)
      static String NOT_FULLTEXT_INDEXABLE
      The document won't be full-text indexed.
      static String ORDERABLE
      If your Nuxeo target version is 5.3.2 or higher, you'll be able to manage the order of this document children
      static String PUBLISH_SPACE
      The document will be flagged as able to receive publications (and will be displayed in the publication tree).
      static String PUBLISHABLE
      The publishing tab will be displayed on the document (unless you forbid the display of the publishing tab in the tabs filtering section)
      static String SUPER_SPACE
      The document type will be available in the seam context as variable "currentSuperSpace" when navigating in its children documents
      static String SYSTEM_DOCUMENT
      The document type corresponds to a system document, not a user-visible document.
      static String VERSIONABLE
      It will make it possible to create versions for this document type