Class ArrayProperty

    • Method Detail

      • isContainer

        public boolean isContainer()
        Description copied from interface: Property
        Whether this property is a container - this means the property value is a map or a list.

        Container properties don't have a scalar values. Container values are computed each time they are requested - by calling on of the getValue methods - by collecting the values of the child properties.

        Specified by:
        isContainer in interface Property
        isContainer in class ScalarProperty
        true if scalar false otherwise
      • isNormalized

        public boolean isNormalized​(Object value)
        Description copied from interface: Property
        Checks if the given value is a normalized one. This means the value has a type that is normalized.

        Null values are considered as normalized.

        Specified by:
        isNormalized in interface Property
        isNormalized in class AbstractProperty
        value - the value to check
        true if the value is normalized false otherwise
      • newInstance

        public Object newInstance()
        Description copied from interface: Property
        Creates a new and empty instance of a normalized value.

        Empty is used in the sense of a value that has not been initialized or can be considered as an empty value. For example for the String type the empty value will be the empty string ""

        Specified by:
        newInstance in interface Property
        newInstance in class AbstractProperty
        the empty instance the empty instance, or null for some implementations
      • isDirty

        public boolean isDirty​(int index)
        This method provides a way to know if some arrayproperty values are dirty: value or index changed. since 7.2
      • clearDirtyFlags

        public void clearDirtyFlags()
        Description copied from interface: Property
        Notify the property that its changes was stored so it can safely remove dirty flags.

        Dirty flags are removed according to the type of the modifications. This way if the property was REMOVED it becomes a PHANTOM otherwise all dirty flags are cleared.

        This method should be used by storage implementors to notify the property it should reset its dirty flags. Note that clearing dirty flags is not propagated to the parent property or to children. You need to clear dirty flags explicitly for each property.

        Specified by:
        clearDirtyFlags in interface Property
        clearDirtyFlags in class AbstractProperty