Interface Paginable<T>

    • Method Detail

      • getPageSize

        long getPageSize()
        Returns the number of results per page. 0 means no pagination.
      • getMaxPageSize

        long getMaxPageSize()
        Returns the max number of results per page. 0 means no pagination.

        If page size is greater than this maximum value, it will be taken into account instead.

      • getResultsCount

        long getResultsCount()
        Returns the number of result elements if available or a negative value if it is unknown: UNKNOWN_SIZE if it is unknown as query was not done, and since 5.5, UNKNOWN_SIZE_AFTER_QUERY if it is still unknown after query was done.
      • getNumberOfPages

        long getNumberOfPages()
        Returns the total number of pages or 0 if number of pages is unknown.
      • isNextPageAvailable

        boolean isNextPageAvailable()
        Returns a boolean expressing if there are further pages.
      • isLastPageAvailable

        boolean isLastPageAvailable()
        Returns a boolean expressing if the last page can be displayed.
      • isPreviousPageAvailable

        boolean isPreviousPageAvailable()
        Returns a boolean expressing if there is a previous page.
      • getCurrentPageSize

        long getCurrentPageSize()
        Returns the number of elements in current page.
      • getCurrentPageOffset

        long getCurrentPageOffset()
        Returns the offset (starting from 0) of the first element in the current page or UNKNOWN_SIZE.
      • getCurrentPageIndex

        long getCurrentPageIndex()
        Returns the current page index as a zero-based integer.
      • isSortable

        boolean isSortable()
        Returns if this provider is sortable.
      • getResultsCountLimit

        long getResultsCountLimit()
        Limit of number of results beyond which the page provider may not be able to compute getResultsCount() or navigate.

        Requesting results beyond this limit may result in error. When getResultsCount() is negative, it means there may be more results than this limit.

        0 means there is no limit.