Class ParameterizedCopy

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    public class ParameterizedCopy
    extends Copy
    Copy a file to the given target directory or file. If the target is a directory the file name is preserved. If the target file exists it will be replaced if overwrite is true otherwise the command validation fails.

    If md5 is set then the copy command will be validated only if the target file has the same md5 as the one specified in the command.

    The Copy command has as inverse either Delete either another Copy command. If the file was copied without overwriting then Delete is the inverse (with a md5 set to the one of the copied file). If the file was overwritten then the Copy command has an inverse another copy command with the md5 to the one of the copied file and the overwrite flag to true. The file to copy will be the backup of the overwritten file.

    Bogdan Stefanescu