Interface ContributionPersistenceManager

    • Method Detail

      • removeContribution

        boolean removeContribution​(Contribution contrib)
        Removes a persisted contribution given its name. The contribution will not be uninstalled before being removed. You need to explicitly call uninstallContribution(Contribution) to uninstall it.
        true if the contribution was removed, false if the contribution was not found in persistence.
      • installContribution

        boolean installContribution​(Contribution contrib)
        Installs the contribution given its name. Return true if contribution install succeeds, false if the contribution is already installed.

        To be able to install a contribution you need to persist it first.

      • uninstallContribution

        boolean uninstallContribution​(Contribution contrib)
        Uninstalls a contribution given is name. If not already installed return false otherwise return true. The contribution persisted state is not modified by this operation.
      • updateContribution

        Contribution updateContribution​(Contribution contribution)
        Updates in the storage the given contribution modifications.

        A contribution cannot be renamed. The only permitted modifications are changing the description and the auto start status.

        Return back the contribution object.

      • start

        void start()
        Starts the service. This will install all persisted contributions that are marked as auto-install. See Contribution.isDisabled()
      • stop

        void stop()
        Stops the service. This will uninstall all installed contributions.