Class DataSourceDescriptor

  • public class DataSourceDescriptor
    extends Object
    The descriptor for a Nuxeo-defined datasource.

    The attributes of a <datasource> element are:

    • name: the JNDI name (for instance jdbc/foo)
    • driverClassName: the JDBC driver class name (only for a non-XA datasource)
    • xaDataSource: the XA datasource class name (only for a XA datasource)

    To configure the characteristics of the pool:

    • maxActive: the maximum number of active connections
    • minIdle: the minimum number of idle connections
    • maxIdle: the maximum number of idle connections
    • maxWait: the maximum number of milliseconds to wait for a connection to be available, or -1 (the default) to wait indefinitely
    • ... see org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource BasicDataSource setters for more

    To configure the datasource connections, individual <property> sub-elements are used.

    For a non-XA datasource, you must specify at least a url:

       <property name="url">jdbc:h2:foo/bar</property>
       <property name="username">nuxeo</property>
       <property name="password">nuxeo</property>
    For a XA datasource, see the documentation for your JDBC driver.