Class ServerKeyDescriptor

    • Field Detail

      • externalPrivateKeyName

        protected String externalPrivateKeyName
        Most folks should not need to change this from the default value of nuxeo. It's unclear that there are many service providers that actually use this value.
      • externalPublicCertificate

        protected String externalPublicCertificate
        This is here just for convenience of keeping everything together. This is the public key (really a certificate) that you need to give to external oauth provider to indicate that you have the private key above. Assuming you generated the key with the lines above, you should be able to simply paste the "certificate" portion of the testkey.pem file into this field. It is not used by nuxeo in any way, but will be needed when you configure an external provider.

        Note that many providers accept the certificate then run a computation to extract the public key from it. This means that the value displayed when you look at the provider configuration may be different than the one you provided.